The Hails

McCue, Levy, Kingsley, Escobar, Solari

Photo By: Josh Churba

Photo By: Josh Churba

"As a band, The Hails don't subscribe to any one genre of music. Instead, they are a band that settles snugly into the alternative music scene and into the rock and roll scene."

- Safia Boustique, The Odyssey Online

"Wistful vocals and fluid guitar lines capture an emotional sound that merges ’90s alt-rock nostalgia with contemporary charm."

- Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

"Something simple and yet compelling; and has substance without compromising the value of a well-composed track... This description just might fit “Parking Lot,” a radio friendly tune from the 5-piece band from Gainesville, Florida."

- Camille Banzon, The Violet Wave

WATCH: The Hails answer questions and perform "Parking Lot" live on NBC Miami's entertainment show NBC 6 In The Mix.

- NBC 6 Miami In The Mix

"The Hails don’t act like they know how talented they are, which enhances the experience of watching them perform... you can see how comfortable they are in their skins and in their craft."

- Madison Florence, Gainesville Scene

"Their sound is a fresh cross between the grit of classic rock with the smooth undertones of new age alternative."

- Madison Florence, The Odyssey Online

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