The Hails

Levy, Escobar, McCue, Solari, Kingsley

Photo By: Josh Churba

Photo By: Josh Churba

"If one thing is certain, The Hails are a tight-knit group with countless stories to back them up. Their personal relationships transfer into the energy of their performances."

- Emma Witmer, The Independent Florida Alligator

"As a band, The Hails don't subscribe to any one genre of music. Instead, they are a band that settles snugly into the alternative music scene and into the rock and roll scene."

- Safia Boustique, The Odyssey Online

"Wistful vocals and fluid guitar lines capture an emotional sound that merges ’90s alt-rock nostalgia with contemporary charm."

- Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

"Something simple and yet compelling; and has substance without compromising the value of a well-composed track... This description just might fit “Parking Lot,” a radio friendly tune from the 5-piece band from Gainesville, Florida."

- Camille Banzon, The Violet Wave

WATCH: The Hails answer questions and perform "Parking Lot" live on NBC Miami's entertainment show NBC 6 In The Mix.

- NBC 6 Miami In The Mix

"Their sound is a fresh cross between the grit of classic rock with the smooth undertones of new age alternative."

- Madison Florence, The Odyssey Online

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